Ebenezer Lutheran Church

Ebenezer Evangelical Lutheran Church was first organized in 1867 by Lutherans who descended from early German settlers to Rowan County.  They were situated nearly halfway between Lutheran Chapel in China Grove and Old Organ Church in Rockwell.  They were also about halfway between St. John's in Salisbury and St. James in Concord.  These families desired a local place to worship since traveling was difficult and unsafe in the Reconstruction Period.

            A petition to create a new church was presented to the Conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of North Carolina on December 3 & 4, 1866.  The Conference accepted the petition and passed a resolution that a new Lutheran Church be organized at or near Bostian School House.  During the next year, an organizational meeting was held at the old Bostian School House, a small one room 20' x 20' building built out of hand hewn logs.  The synod voted to approve the church on May 2, 1867 and the first meeting was held on June 3, 1867, at the "Old Bostian Log School House" located about a quarter mile from the present school.

            Six families (Siffords, Grabers, Stirewalts, Bargers, Ketners, and Eddlemans) made up the original charter - 19 members.  On March 1, 1868, work started on a church building on 3 1/2 acres of land donated by the Stirewalt family.  The first church, a frame building was 40' x 60.'  The whole cost was about $2,000.00, including donated lumber.  It was built by the members; men, women and children.  The building was dedicated (free of debt) on January 31, 1869 and called Ebenezer Evangelical Lutheran Church.


            Some interesting facts:

Salary of the first Pastor was $150.00 per month

First child baptized August 11, 1867

First marriage January 23, 1868

First burial in Ebenezer cemetery - February 5, 1869

Entered into Organ-Ebenezer Parish - 1879; Dissolved in 1927

Church building extended 12 feet, steeple built and bell placed in tower around 1914

Entered into Ebenezer-Mt. Herman Parish - 1930; Dissolved in 1947

Church raised with basement classrooms added, cornerstone laid - First service in new building was November 26, 1939.  Work done by Herman Sipe and Company of Conover, NC

Church building re-dedicated May 30, 1943

Parsonage built 1947  Lumber was donated from members and 2 acres of land bought from C. C. Faggart.  House built by Evy James Stirewalt

Educational wing build in 1956; dedicated (free of debt) - April 24, 1960

First annual outdoor Easter pageant held - April 1962

Activity building built by Harmon Stirewalt - 1970

Memorial Garden completed - 1995

Remodeled basement choir rooms and restrooms - 2000

Installation of elevator, covered walkway and new front steps completed in 2006; dedicated (free of debt) - May 3, 2008, built by LaFave Construction

Added Contemporary Morning Prayer Service called 'Morning Rock' - First service was Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007

"Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Jeshanah, and called its name Ebenezer; 
for he said, 'Hitherto the Lord has helped us'." 1 Samuel 7:12


Ebenezer Lutheran Church
4914 Old Beatty Ford Road
China Grove, NC 28023
Email: ebenezerluthchurch@ctc.net

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